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I'm Gina!
As Vitality Coach, I guide our journey into a way of life. Completing each revolution, I bring kindness, connection, and stability with an open mind to all lifestyles, circumstances and capabilities. I’ve grown an empathetic practice to bring confidence, courage, individuality and opportunities to all lives.

I’ve had the opportunity to inspire a sense of vitality alongside individuals and communities who have experienced challenges, transitions and obstacles in everyday life. When our expressed experiences have developed an understanding, we aim to design a path forward. Each and every way forward is as unique as our lived experiences. I inspire a blueprint of possibilities and together we build a plan. What paths we choose will lead our way to sustaining a way of life, one wish a fresh sense of vitality.

I have experience with a broad range of life circumstances. Together we move alongside one another knowing a sense of vitality can be found in any condition. Our challenges, transitions and obstacles in everyday life offer an opportunity for personal and collective growth. Together we will find the way.

I am grateful for my many experiences supporting sustainable wellbeing with individuals and groups of all lifestyles, backgrounds, ages, abilities and situations. I have experience in engaging group discussions, coordinating and developing personalized activity-based programs, matching resources and support systems, and supporting the steps it takes to reach fulfilling goals and desires that bring a sense of vitality into our everyday lives. I practice reciprocal growth within each revolution. I believe by building strong and active relationships, we all have the chance to share in everyday inspiration.

I can understand the complexity in lived experiences and will strive to ensure each step forward is led by you, supported together. Finding balance in our sense of vitality is only sustainable when you believe in the journey we’re on. Together we can balance the joyful and challenging rhythms in life through possibilities of peace and movement. With warmth and kindness, we support each other.

As a part of my own journey, I received my bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Concordia University. Since then, I have been humbled with diverse experiences, opening my heart and mind to our shared world. I’ve offered my support to individuals imprisoned at Leclerc Institute in weekly group discussions as well as Shield of Athena where I supported activities with children whose mothers were experiencing difficult domestic relationships. As Outreach Coordinator with The Yellow Door, I supported intergenerational relationships of students and adults searching for more in their everyday lives. In each and every experience connecting and making connections, I grow too.

Being a part of compassionate action and community kindness brings me joy. Reconnecting with Stephanie has sparked a fresh sense of vitality in my life and together our wellbeing grows outwards in waves. I look forward to sharing everlasting possibilities for vitality within each revolution. Everyone has something to share. We are here to inspire wholeness however we can.

Gina Savino
[email protected]
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Vitality Coach
As Vitality Coach, I guide our journey into a way of life.
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